So, I just found out yesterday that I qualified for financial aid at my college. I will be getting a refund check of a pretty good amount. If I have to spend it on books I will, but I’d like to do other things with it. Possibly a new computer. I’ll be going as a full time student too. I hope I do well, I’m not so sure what to expect honestly. I never took chemistry before and I made C’s in Biology in high school. I am not too worried about math though because I have actually grown to love it and lastly I am not exactly looking forward to English because I’ve noticed that every teacher doesn’t exactly like my writing style even though I have always been a somewhat good writer.

I also just hope I stay focused… I literally never did my homework in high school and failed horribly. Everything distracted me. I really don’t want that to happen this time. I just want to go to class, study and make good grades so I can get into a nursing program. I have to make all A’s to get in. Hopefully this isn’t impossible. 

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